30 Colorful Micro Tattoos By Eden Kozokaro That Look Like Mini Pop Culture Paintings

reply Eden’s career as a tattoo artist began when one of his skater friends bought the cheapest machine they could find from eBay. “He let me try it out and eventually, he became my first client. Then I offered free tattoos to everyone I knew,” he told Inked Magazine. The Israeli said that the tattoo […]

Hillary review did the US presidential hopeful take the wrong road?

This epic documentary ranges across Hillary Clintons life, from the Arkansas governors mansion, through the White House years to her own shot at the top job but the enigma remains There is a melancholy fascination to Nanette Bursteins sympathetic and respectful documentary interview with the enduringly opaque Bill), her time as the governors wife, as […]

All ‘The Witcher’ content you can gobble up once you finish the Netflix series

The Witcher is no longer only for gamers and fantasy-book buffs. Thanks to Netflixs adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowskis beloved novels, a new group has joined the fandom. As fans new and old plow their way through season one, however, many are thirsting for more. Thankfully, Geralts story has been around a long time. Since the […]

Too big to fail? Tech’s decade of scale and impunity

Big tech behaves as though power absolves them of responsibility. Have we learned nothing since the financial crash? Towards the end of the last decade, two American social networks Facebook and MySpace were locked in a battle to conquer the rest of the world. The two companies took radically different approaches to their global expansions, […]

30 New Costumes From The Cheap Cosplay Guy That Are Hilariously On Point

However, not all heroes follow the path of working hard. Some are vigilantes who work smart and offer cheap alternative DIY ideas for costumes. Enter Anucha Saengchart from Thailand, founder of Lowcost Cosplay. We’ve collected some of his best new costumes, so scroll down, upvote your faves (there are bound to be plenty of them), […]

Henry Cavill still has things he wants to portray with Superman

Aside from a few holdovers like , Aquaman, Shazam, , and the movie thats been in production hell for years, much of the DC cinematic universe first sparked by is no more. But while Ben Affleck is , one superhero is . The WitcherMens HealthThe cape is in the closet, Mens HealthThe idea that Cavill […]

Director Kevin Smith on heart attacks, happiness, extreme weight loss and Weinstein

The director and actor talks about his near-death experience, becoming vegan and the star-studded reboot of the film that first made him famous 25 years ago In February last year, Kevin Smith performed 90 minutes of standup for a TV special, padded back to the green room and started to worry that the joint he […]

Moving stories: inside the book buses changing children’s lives

Around the world, mobile library programmes are taking books, educational support and even counselling to communities in serious and urgent need Every week, two converted blue buses stocked with childrens books carefully navigate the streets of Kabul, avoiding areas where deadly explosions are common. These travelling libraries stop off at schools in different parts of […]

When A Celebrity Tabloid Fixture Joins Instagram

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram. Within mere moments of posting a photo with her “Friends” co-stars, claimed the record for the account that reached 1 million Instagram followers most quickly, beating out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s After sharing that cast selfie, At the time of this story’s publication, Aniston had over 12 million followers and […]