Stop taking your own photos and let this autonomous drone do it for you

Image: Hover Camera

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Designating a self-flying drone as your personal 4K photographer? Yep, we live in the future.

The Hover Camera Passport drone, which is on sale for $349.99 a limited time, uses face-detection technology to fly and follow you autonomously while capturing footage of your surroundings. 

Designed for use virtually anywhere, this 2017 Red Dot Design Award-winner is ultra-portable at just 242 grams and folds easily into a travel-friendly size that fits comfortably in a purse or backpack. Send it on its way and get on with your fun while it records 360-degree videos of your environment. 

No need to babysit this drone; the only time it needs you is if/when you want it to snap a quick photo, which requires nothing more than a simple hand gesture. Regular firmware updates ensure these artificial intelligence technologies remain cutting-edge.

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