All The Marvel Shirtless Scenes RANKED From Worst To Best!

Comic books are often criticized for their objectification of the female form. But Marvel Studios has turned its male gaze in a decidedly different way. The vast majority of sexy fanservice in the MCU is sexy shots of shirtless superheroes, usually completely gratuitous. OMG, we just realized it sounds like we’re complaining! LOLz! No, in […]

VOTE: Leonardo DiCaprio Being Eyed For The Joker Movie How Do YOU Like The Casting??

Dang, Warner Bros is not kidding around when it comes to their new Joker movie! According to sources spilling to We were surprised to see Martin Scorsese‘s name listed among producers for the upcoming DC Comics spinoff flick, but these new whispers may tell the reason why — he’s reportedly being courted to bring on […]