Us Star Winston Duke: Meet Jordan Peeles Secret Weapon

Theres a story thats Winston Duke has told a lot recently because its, well, kind of perfect.

The then-aspiring actor had just arrived in New Haven, Connecticut, freshly graduated from the University of Buffalo and newly accepted into the prestigious Yale School of Drama graduate program. An incredibly kind student a few years ahead in the program had been assigned to show him around campus, and the two became instant friends. Her name was Lupita Nyongo.

The 32-year-old now bona fide movie star still shakes his head in disbelief when you ask him about it. Its such serendipity, man, he says, sprawled on a couch at New Yorks Whitby Hotel. We never could have imagined this.

This is the fact that Nyongo, a few short years later, would win an Oscar for her performance in 12 Years a Slave. That the two of them would see The Avengers together and wonder if they, two black actors, would ever be in a movie like that, and then get cast alongside each other in Black Panther. Or that they would both have their first leading roles in a movie starring opposite each other again, and that movie, Jordan Peeles horror thriller Us, would break box-office records, just as Black Panther had done before.

Us, in which Duke and Nyongo play parents in a family that is terrorized by bloodlusting doppelgangers while on vacation, set the record for the highest opening ever for an original horror film this past weekend, raking in $70 millionnearly doubling industry estimates.

The film is Peeles follow-up to 2017 Oscar-winning social thriller Get Out. Duke got cast after introducing himself to the writer and director at the Oscars last year when the Black Panther cast, fresh off the just-released films blockbuster success, was invited to attend the ceremony. Like Get Out, the film is as exhilarating to dissect with friends after a screening as it is to watch and get freaked out by, tackling themes of privilege, race, and even philanthropy in between scares.

Its makes for a breakout film career thats rare, to the point that Duke may be the first example: an actor whose first two movie roles were in projects that audiences were salivating to see, but that also have cultural value, that are milestones. That make people think.

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Those movies arent didactic, Duke says. They dont tell you this is how it is, to sit down and eat your vegetables. Its lets have a chat. Lets have a chat about who we are, where we came from and where were going.

Duke moved to Brooklyn with his mother and older sister from Trinidad and Tobago when he was 9 years old. He was reclusive, having a hard time adjusting to a new city and American culture. His refuge became TV, movies, and comic books. Story, as he tells itwhich is to say that he understands the importance of film and the conversations it drives.

We curate a lot of conversation in Hollywood, in media, in journalism, that is exported and affects other peoples lives, he says. It affects how they see us. It affects how they value themselves. So this movie and process begged me to consider my position in all of that.

Over an hour-long conversation the morning Us hit theaters, Duke does just that.

Following the rafter-shaking first screening of Us at the SXSW Film Festival, Jordan Peele took the stage alongside Duke, Nyongo, and the rest of the films cast, looked out at the audience, and laughed. Im looking out at a sea of people being like, hmm… the fuck?

That is to say that there is a lot to unpack in the films messaging and subtext.

The film begins as a home invasion thriller. Duke and Nyongos Gabe and Adelaide Wilson bring their two children to a beach house for whats supposed to be a vacation. When a family of doppelgangers arrive at their driveway one nighteach looking exactly like a member of the family save for the red jumpsuits theyre wearingall hell breaks loose.

The doppelgangers, called The Tethered, begin separating the family members from each other, stalking and attacking them as part of what soon reveals itself to be a demented sort-of zombie apocalypse. People in red jumpsuits are emerging everywhere from tunnels, searching for and murdering their surface-dwelling lookalikes.

Already there are think pieces and essays flooding the internet analyzing the deeper meaning of these shadow people, what they represent, and what theyre seeking out. Deep-dives into the films conclusion wonder how the Us ending is supposed to make audiences feel.

We curate a lot of conversation in Hollywood, in media, in journalism, that is exported and affects other peoples lives. This movie and process begged me to consider my position in all of that.

Duke hired a dramaturg to help him decipher everything from the meaning of the color of the jumpsuitsred is the color of revolutionto the etymology of the word doppelganger, to the history of Hands Across America, the Reagan-era charity initiative that Peele overtly references in the film.

The intellectual stimulation, however, shouldnt overpower the fact that the film and Dukes performance, especially, is a hoot. Dukes Gabe is gregarious and goofy, responsible for the movies best one-liners. Hes cruising somewhere on the bridge between cool dad and nerdy dad, an Everyman action hero in the great cinematic tradition of them. Hes funny, sexy, and kickass when it comes to motorboat killings.

He felt familiar, Duke says. He felt like somebody Ive seen in the mirror and somebody Ive interacted with outside my own body. I know this guy. Im friends with that guy. I would hang out with that guy.

After playing MBaku, the towering warrior who challenges TChalla for the Wakandan throne in Black Panther, it was important to Duke that his next role be someone more recognizable, who is self-effacing like Gabe in Us.

Following Black Panther, he was offered a slew of roles crafted from the same imposing, menacing cloth as MBaku. But after growing up as the only male in his household, playing a character that showed dimensions beyond that was more than just a desire. It was a mission.

Masculinity is a word I had to define for myself, he says. It took some time to get to a place where I felt I could have a firm grasp of it in a way that helped me and also didnt have a negative impact with the world around me. Its good to be able to define a masculinity that didnt feel toxic and wasnt imposing any sort of inferiority on anybody else.

Gabe was not a warrior, he continues. He doesnt need to be. He just needs to be a father, and he is.

When you read about Winston Duke, something that is mentioned early on, if not immediately, is his size.

He is 65 and decisively over the 200-pound threshold. He has movie star broad shoulders and an athletic build. This is to say that he takes up space. Profiles of him use words like hulking and towering.

Duke knows this. But theyre also projecting on me what they believe those things mean, he says. For me in my whole life, Id have to take control of those words and define them for myself, because not everyones definitions of those words have always aligned with something that is healthy for me.

He trained hard for Black Panther, as in Marvel training, the kind of workouts designed to sculpt superheroes out of mere mortals and bring a persons body to its peak physicality.

Appearing on screen sporting little more than a loin cloth and chest armor that could barely contain his bulging muscles, Duke looked, lets say… hot. Audiences took notice. MBaku thirst tweets became a meme. Duke even did dramatic readings of some of the best for BuzzFeed: MBaku could blow my MBack out if he wanted to. Or, Id eat Winston Dukes ass like an almond joy. I want to cook him breakfast and I hate cooking.

He laughs about all of that now. Working out for Black Panther made him feel good. It also had dramatic function, much in the same way that Gabe in Us with his slight dad paunch does not share MBakus chiseled frame.

He worked out for battle, he says. He didnt need to be ripped for aesthetics. He needed to be as a guy who has to carry a heavy weapon every day.

Playing MBaku forced him to think in different ways about how the world perceives him in terms of size, masculinity, race, and strength. Those are words that define me everyday, but theyre other peoples words usually.

Self-definition and redefinition are important concepts to Duke.

His family lived in Crown Heights when they moved from Trinidad and Tobago to Brooklyn. He describes his upbringing as extremely working class. Manhattan and New York was just a city of walls to me and my family. You knew there was a lot of money and excess and things here, but you could never see it because it was behind all these walls. Its interesting that now because I do this work I get to see whats behind those walls.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, and his mother splits time between there and Las Vegas, where his sister lives and works as an endocrinologist. Duke likes to take his mother with him when he travels for work, especially if theres going to be a posh event. Its fun for them to see what life was like inside of those walls hed see growing up, but it also makes them realize how little they were truly missing.

[My mother] gets to see all this and say, You know what? I also was wealthy. I was wealthy with love. I was wealthy with tradition. I was wealthy with passion and focus and drive and hope, he says. She gets to redefine so many words for herself because of these experiences she can have now.

Duke considers his own personal wealth, the kind he had before he hit it big. (That took more than 400 auditions and roles on TV shows like Person of Interest and The Messengers before getting cast in Black Panther.) He mentions his drive, finding his own path, his questioning mind, and his resilience.

He brings up his favorite piece of advice hes received. It was from the actor James Cromwell during a guest talk he gave when Duke was at Yale: You need a lifetime full of big breaks to make it. Its something Duke says he remembers every time he considers a new role now.

Cromwell, who is 66, also gave him tips on how to navigate the business and, more specifically, the camera as a tall actor.

His advice was that truth has no size, Duke says. Your truth at any given moment can be as big as you want to be. So dont limit yourself in how you express it.

He beams and shifts his position, looking as relaxed in his skin and in his body as any actor, from 411 to 66, I have ever interviewed.

So cheers to sharing your toys, he says. As a kid I always shared my toys. Now as an adult my toys are my thoughts and intentions. Its my work.

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